My Story

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Annette Sostarich (AKA The Gizmologist) and I service computers in the Tucson, Arizona area. My interest in electronics goes back to my childhood. When I was about 10, my school took a field trip to see a computer – It took up a large room. The hard drive was about the size of a washing machine. It used punched cards. It cost millions of dollars. I was amazed. Fast-forward a few years. I had no use for a home computer. I didn’t have a place to put it. In 1999 A friend gave me a Windows 95 computer he’d built from junk parts – because he was tired of not being able to send me email. I promptly installed AOL and began tying up the phone line all day. It took me 3 weeks to break it, 3 days to fix it, and the rest, as they say, is history!

I love to learn. I learn something new almost every day.This is the essence of life, to keep learning and growing. To stand still is to start dying.

I love to make things – Physical things, things that are beautiful, things that DO stuff, things I make with the hands and mind God gave me.

I don’t just do computers. A well-rounded person needs a variety of interests. I also read, build and fly rockets (some of my own design), build plastic models, build electronic projects of various kinds, repair my household appliances, study the bible, play chess (When I can find a chess partner), and make science experiments out of all kinds of situations.

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