Get Outta My Face!

Think you can be anonymous??

Think again. The FBI, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, has access to at least 411 million images for it’s facial recognition database, some from their own mug shot files, but also from visa and passport databases and driver’s license photos of at least 16 states. Most of these photos are of people – both Americans and foreigners –wn20131104f3c-870x489

Joseph Goebbels sez…

who have committed no crimes.

Many folks feel that facial recognition software is definitely not ready for prime time; It’s inaccurate across the board, especially when it comes to ethnic minorities, women, and young people. Most of these photos were never intended for criminal or national security purposes, yet the FBI is allowed to search all these databases when looking for a suspect.

The FBI is in direct violation of existing law (and their own policy!), since they never released any information on the privacy implications of this system. How would you feel if you were arrested out of the blue because your face had a superficial resemblance to an infamous terrorist? And there are cameras everywhere now; In the airport, bus terminal, stores, offices, shopping malls, on the street, in theme parks… you probably have your mug photographed a dozen times in an average day.

This could really up the ante on false arrest suits, but once the damage to your character is done, it’s virtually impossible to undo. We really need to rein in our government before it becomes a tyranny.

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