FaceBook is (Not) Your Friend

So… Let me get this straight: You want me to make friends online so that you can collect data about me so you can collect data about my friends so you can sell me stuff and sell my friends stuff so we can all waste more time and money than we can afford and most of those online “friends” are people we don’t even know and haven’t met and it’s really all about Facebook making money?

Yup.Evil facebook

You say your apartment complex has amended your lease agreement to force you to “friend’ them or be in violation? Can they legally do that?

Maybe. But it’s a free country, and the backlash from residents, former residents, and would-be-but-not anymore residents was terrible.

Is your teenager acting like a five-year-old only when on Facebook? What would you expect? The site encourages such infantile behavior with stupid games, “Stalker” apps, people posting naked pictures of themselves, asinine (and horribly misspelled) posts (that people swallow as Gospel), and communicating (even with people next door) in a far more impersonal way than just… Talking. Remember talking? Face-to-face? “Social” media is making us anti-social!

“Social” media exists for only one purpose: To monetize human relationships. To make money from your joys, your sorrows, your triumphs, and yes, even your tragedies. They want to be in control of what’s most important in everyone’s life: Their contact with other people.

Plus, once you sign on, they basically own you. Their terms of service say that they own your data. They don’t believe in privacy; they want you to share everything about yourself. Even your “private” data is shared with all the Facebook apps you have installed!

This is why I don’t have a Facebook account. I prefer to interact with my friends face to face. I prefer to keep my private life private. I prefer to know who my friends are in Real Life, where I can see what they’re really like, instead of what they wish they were like. I prefer Real Life because it’s messy, not the sterilized Half-Life of online relationships. If I’m missing out on something, so be it. Whatever “it” is, it’s not as important as Real Life.

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