How much “Stuff” is in Your Phone??

Ever wonder what kind of stuff is in your phone?

An Amazing Variety! Out of the 90 or so (depending on how you define them) naturally occurring chemical elements, at least 29 of them go into the making of a smartphone, including some you’ve probably never heard of.

  1. Lithium. You’ve probably heard of this one, it’s what a lot of rechargeable batteries are made from. A metal that is highly reactive (drop it in water and it dissolves, liberating heat and hydrogen), which is why lithium batteries cannot be shipped by air.
  2. Carbon. The stuff of life. Also, in the form of graphite, part of the battery.
  3. Oxygen. Glass is silicon dioxide.
  4. Magnesium. A very light metal. If your phone has a metal case, it’s probably a magnesium alloy.
  5. Aluminum. Could be part of the case. Also the glass is an aluminum oxide – silicate.
  6. Silicon. Major component of the actual chips, also major component in glass.
  7. Phosphorus. Minor component of the chips.
  8. Potassium. Strengthens the glass.
  9. Cobalt. Part of the battery.
  10. Nickel. Used in the microphone.
  11. Copper. Wires and the circuit board.
  12. Gallium. An important metal in semiconductors, especially LEDs.
  13. Arsenic. Used in LEDs and other semiconductors.
  14. bromine. Used to make plastics fire-resistant.
  15. Yttrium. Heard of this one? This element and others like it are used in the screen for their glowing colors.
  16. Silver. Used for some wiring.
  17. Indium. Along with tin, used in the touch screen. Indium tin oxide is transparent yet conducts electricity like a metal.
  18. Tin. Used in the solder holding the circuitry together..
  19. Antimony. Used in the chips.
  20. Lanthanum. Used in the color screen.
  21. Praseodymium. Another you’ve probably never heard of. Used in the screen.
  22. Neodymium. Maybe you’ve heard of this one – used in magnets. The vibrator is a tiny motor using neodymium magnets.
  23. Europium. Yes, it’s named after Europe. Used in the screen.
  24. Gadolinium. Used in the screen.
  25. Terbium. Used in the screen.
  26. Dysprosium. (Means, “Hard to get.”) Used in the screen.
  27. Tantalum. Makes some of the finest capacitors. Supply may be at risk; comes mostly from “conflict” countries.
  28. Gold. Used for connectors since it never corrodes.
  29. Lead. Used in solder.

Wow! God’s “building blocks” used in ways not even dreamed of a few years ago.


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