Does What It Says!

I’ve recently discovered a new PC repair tool that can be used by professionals and amateurs alike: Easy Recovery Essentials.

I recently had a problem with my own computer that prevented it from booting. Not usually a problem for me, except my main PC is set up to dual-boot. This means that I have both Windows 10 and Windows 7 installed on the one machine. It also means I’m not too familiar yet with Windows 10’s Boot Manager. The boot manager is what does the magic of giving you a choice of Operating Systems when the PC starts.

It seemed that somehow the boot manager had become corrupted, which meant that I couldn’t boot into either version of Windows. I could get the old Windows 7 boot manager, which then proceeded to tell me that I did not have Windows 10 installed. When I tried to boot into Windows 7, I got an endless loop. I was dead in the water.

After considerable online searching, it appeared that nobody else I could find had a solution, either, but my searching kept leading me back to this site:

Well, the first thing I saw was, “Guaranteed to work or your money back!” Wow, I thought, somebody that actually stands behind a product like this, in the 21st Century no less! This is a “magic” recovery boot disk that purports to have several automatic and manual ways to repair a PC, plus a web browser and file access for backup purposes.

I wasn’t holding out much hope, because I thought to myself, “This is designed to fix simple problems. It won’t work with my setup.” But, there was that money back guarantee… And I was out of ideas. And they only wanted $20 for it. And there was that money back guarantee. And my only other alternative was to reload Windows (both versions!) completely.

I whipped out my Visa card and downloaded the program, burned it to a CD (There are options for USB drives as well), stuck it in my computer, and ran the automated repair. Rebooted… And got a Blue Screen of Death. Yeah, I knew it wouldn’t work, I grumbled to myself. But then something told me to run the disk again. Rebooted after the second run, and whaddya know? The sucker is fixed! Finally, a product that just “does what it says on the tin,” as our friends in Britain like to say.

Their boot disks come in several types. The inexpensive option is geared to a specific version of Windows, so make sure you order the one that corresponds to your version. There are also “Pro” and “Technician” versions that cost more than $20, may be worthwhile for someone like me, but not necessary for the average home user.

I know I’m probably cutting my own throat by recommending this product, but like a good doctor, I’d rather my customers have options rather than having to pay through the nose every time something goes wrong. It’s the whole reason I write this blog; I want people to have some basic understanding of how things work in the technology sector. Knowledge is power.

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