Put a Cap on It!

Question: Are you a Netflix aficionado? Do you watch streaming movies every night? Addicted to cat videos on YouTube? There might be bad news in your future.

You’ve probably – at least once – gotten an unexpected sky-high bill from your cellphone provider for excessive data usage, because cellphone plans almost always put some kind of “cap” on data. You also may have no idea where all that data went…

The bad news is some wired internet companies are toying with capping data as well. Comcast is experimenting with this in the Tucson area as well as other cities.

Granted, the caps are pretty high (300 Gigabytes), but still, at the rate the modern internet user consumes data, that cap wouldn’t be too hard to break. 300 Gigabytes averages 10 Gigabytes per day, or about 5 movies on Netflix at standard resolution. If you watch in HD, that’s maybe 2 movies a day.

There aren’t too many other ways for an average user to hog that much data, but remember, this is usage for your entire household – including the kids. The movies and TV they watch online, as well as data used by gaming, all contributes.

If you’re running up against data caps, maybe it’s time to take the family to the park, instead…



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