Protect Thine Privacy!

Do you know how much the world knows about you? Do you care? You should. What about posting your vacation plans on social media? If some random person skulking on Facebook sees pictures of the interior of your house and your big-screen TV, and they know your address from your profile, what might happen when they know exactly when you’ll be out of town?

How about a prospective employer looking at those dancing-naked-on-the table pictures from your last wild party? How about some pervert seeing pictures of your 7-year-old, and knowing her name, birthday, school, and favorite color? How hard would it be for him to convince your child that Mom sent him to pick her up from school?

All these scenarios, and more, have already happened at least once.

You don’t have to be the Secretary of State, a criminal, or a CIA operative to have a lot to lose when your privacy is compromised.

Thy privacy is at risk! Don’t let this happen!

These Brits have a way with words!

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