Technology Pet Peeves

Technology has always been a love/hate relationship for most people. Sometimes the old ways are better, but people embrace the new just because it’s new. (Will that Smart Watch really improve your life, or just add yet another distraction?) Sometimes the new ways are better, and a few folks will stick with the old ways because it’s what they’re used to, and change is hard. (This is very dangerous when fighting a war. Some generals in WWI were still thinking in terms of swords and horses… Things went badly for them.) Sometimes a mix of old and new is the best way to go. Regardless, modern technology offers many opportunities for creative griping.

My top peeves, as of 2016, in no particular order:

  • YouTube “How To” videos that take 10 minutes to show what I could read in 1 minute (e.g. Remove battery cover by sliding in the direction of the arrow).
  • The pervasive belief that just because something is “digital” it must be better (I’ve never had to reboot my 30 year-old washing machine).
  • Connectors so proprietary they fit nothing else on the planet (And adapters, if you can find them at all, cost more than the device connected to). Thankfully, this seems to be less of a problem than previously, at least with phones.
  • Non replaceable batteries (I’m talking to you, Apple!). Are we really more interested in a device being sleek and cool-looking than we are in long-term usability? I guess so. I had to search long and hard for a decent new phone with a removable battery. This is planned obsolescence at it’s finest.
  • Websites that play music or video automatically (In the middle of the night, with others asleep nearby!) That’s why I love having a “mute” button on my keyboard.
  • Badly written or incomplete manuals. This is not just a problem in the electronics world. My husband is an aircraft mechanic, and some maintenance manuals are ludicrously incomplete. (“Gain Access to the part.” How? With what? Where is the @$#% part? Would it kill you to include a diagram?? And this is Airliners we’re talking about!)
  • IT professionals that don’t secure their networks from invasion and data theft, when they should know better. This includes the Federal Government! Your tax dollars at work, destroying your privacy.
  • People joined at the hip to their electronic enslavement devices phones, especially if they don’t have a backup plan. If your phone is really that important to you, why don’t you have a plan B for when it’s lost or broken, or the battery dies?
  • New technology that wastes more of my time than the old technology. I refuse to buy a Blu-Ray player until it loads a disc faster than my computer boots.
  • People that have been communicating by text message so long they can no longer create a comprehensible written English sentence. Be warned: if I’m ever an employer and your resume looks like, “I wnt 2 work 4 U LOL thx,” I will not be hiring you.
  • Phones that are bigger than my laptop. The whole idea of a cellphone is portability, and phones that fit in no pocket known to man are beyond ludicrous. Bonus: If you carry your phone in the back pocket of your jeans (Because it won’t fit in any other pocket), your odds of it being broken when you sit on it, lost, or stolen are so high that if any of these things happen, I will laugh at you.

And (Drum Roll) my #1 peeve: Selfies.

If you had even one real friend instead of 300 virtual friends you’ve never even met, maybe you could have the friend take photos of you. Bonus: If they are true friends, they might even talk you out of taking a photo that makes you look stupid.

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