Don’t Fall For It!

I’ve written before about fake emails from banks, Paypal, Facebook, etc., but here’s a new one you need to be aware of.

This particular email is aimed at gmail users, but it could be purporting to come from anywhere you have an account. The from: address looks legit if you just glance at it: But notice that only the part before the “@” sign says gmail. This means nothing other than someone found out that was an unused email address at, which is the important part of the address. Notice also that the part after the “dot” is not com or org or edu. The “it” means the message originated in Italy. Now, I’m sure Google has tendrils in Italy, but this is not a google or gmail address. If it was, it would have the form of Even if the suffix of the address looks right, you should still not click any links. Some spoofers are better at faking from addresses than these guys.

Here’s how the message I got reads:

Subject line: error
This is an automatic message from our servers; If you are receiving this message it means that your email address has been queued for deactivation. This was as a result of a continuous error received from this email address (code:505).

Please Click here to resolve this problem. (Link removed for your safety)

This is just another example of “Phishing,” or trying to steal information from credulous victims. I removed the link above, but it was definitely not anything to do with Google or Gmail. You never know where a link in an email will take you; In a case like the above, you can be sure it’s nowhere good.

As I’ve said before: Never, never click a link in an email, especially one such as this that is intended to cause fear and panic! Visit the site in question by typing their address or using your own bookmark.

Ya’all stay safe out there!

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