Beat the bloat

So, you just got home with your brand-new XLNT-3000 computer, with it’s 1.414 Blogobytes of RAM, it’s 33 Gazillion Owthathertz processor, and a partridge in a pear tree, and when you start it up for the first time, there are all these programs you’ve never heard of and have no use for!

Welcome to Corporate America, where everybody pays everybody else for product placement. You say you’ve got Office on your machine? Probably not. What you probably have is a trial version of Office that you will happily use for 60 days, whereupon you will get the rude awakening of finding out that you can no longer access all those documents you created during your free trial.

You say you’ve got a whole bunch of stupid games that you’ll never play? You’ve got N***N backup, when you’ve already got a good backup program you’re happy with? Yup. There is a technical term for all those programs that come with a new PC. We call it Bloatware. Or Shovelware. or C**pware. Some manufacturers are worse at it than others, but most do it to some degree, because the makers of all that extra software are paying the computer manufacturer to pre-install it.

Happily, there is a simple solution to bloatware, and it’s called the PC Decrapifier. This nifty free program scans a new PC and finds most of the extras, then allows you to uninstall it all painlessly. You’re welcome. And, as always, if you need software recommendations, feel free to contact me! Nobody is paying me for placement.

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