Is It Safe?

It’s definitely Not Safe!

How do you know whether that website you’re visiting, or that email you’re opening, is safe? Well, one way to find out is visit the site or open the email and see if horrible things happen, or take some precautions, if you don’t like living dangerously.


There are many web filtering systems out there. The Firefox browser has one, Google has one, most antivirus programs have one, but the one I use every day is Web of Trust. It’s a no-nonsense browser add-on that tells you whether a site is rated safe by users just like you. It requires no complicated settings, it just works. Get it here:


I’ve covered a lot of this ground before, but some things bear repeating:

  • Don’t open any email that you suspect, even a little bit. Even if it’s from someone you know. Their email may have been compromised. An example: I received an email from a friend that purported to say she was traveling in Spain and had lost her wallet, and would I please wire her some money to get home? This lady is not a World traveler, so the alarm bells immediately started ringing. This is a common scam. Turned out someone had hacked her email.
  • Attachments are especially suspect. These often come disguised as billing or shipping info from UPS, FedEx, or a bank or credit card company.
  • Since a lot of scammers know we don’t open attachments much anymore, links in email are equally suspect.

Above all, don’t get impatient and barge in. Think before you click!

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