HTML is What?!

A company called conducted a survey recently that shows people who think they’re tech-savvy… Maybe not so much.

Questions were asked about common (and not so common) technical terms, and the results were, well, a bit surprising.

27 percent of respondents thought that a gigabyte is a bite from an insect found in South America. (It’s 1 Billion Bytes. A byte is the approximate amount of data it takes to form one letter on this page.)

23 percent thought that MP3 isn’t a music file, but rather a little robot from Star Wars.

18 percent of them said Blu-Ray is a marine animal. (It’s a High-Definition DVD.)

12 percent of Americans polled think USB is an acronym for a European country. (It actually stands for Universal Serial Bus, and is the ubiquitous connector for almost anything you plug into your computer.)

42 percent of respondents think that a motherboard is an upper deck on a cruise ship. (It’s the main circuit board in a computer.)

15 percent believe that software is comfortable clothing. (Software is computer programs, also called applications, or apps.)

10 percent of Americans believe that  HTML (hypertext markup language), the computer language that powers Internet websites, is a sexually transmitted disease…

Knowledge is power. Just as anyone who drives a car should know how to check the oil and tires, anyone who uses a computer should know what a gigabyte is, at least in general terms. If you know nothing, you can be easily scammed, and you will probably spend way too much money on your stuff. Take a little time and learn the basics. You don’t have to turn yourself into a techie, just get a general idea. Hopefully, that’s why you’re reading this blog. Someday, you might be glad you did.