Emily Post Strikes Back

You’ll get a lot more respect when you blog or post online if you at least learn some of the essentials of clear and concise writing. It’s not just about blogging, either. Your ability to communicate clearly is important  for your job and even your personal life. How’s it going to look if you send a work email that goes something like, “idk, wth, ianal, lol?” “Jetson, You’re Fired!” Avoid this horrible situation by practicing some basic online etiquette.

  • TYPING IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS IS THE EQUIVALENT OF SHOUTING, AND IT’S ALSO VERY HARD TO READ. If you need to add emphasis, that’s why you have bold and italic options. If it really needs emphasis, there’s always bold AND italic.
  • Forget about visualizing World Peace; Start small and visualize using the Shift key on your keyboard – You know, the one that lets you capitalize sentences so you don’t come across as a 3rd  grade dropout.Something wrong on internet
  • Use your spell checker, and use your head. Learn the difference between lose and loose, there, they’re and their, its and it’s, sail and sale… Please.
  • Don’t use abbreviations like ROTFL or LOL unless you know your recipient will understand you. Even then, don’t use them excessively, and only in casual settings. You and I both know You’re not really Laughing Out Loud during every sentence.
  • It’s probable that nobody really cares what you had for lunch. Don’t overpost. Get outside once in a while.
  • Anything you write on the Internet will be there forever, if someone wants to save, forward, or repost it. Think before you flame.