Warning!! Your computer may require Defenestration!

But probably not.

You should never pay Any attention to popups or other scare tactics on the Internet. Most, if not all, are scams! Do not click on Anything in a popup, not even the close button. Doing so might invite a drive-by download. If you are worried about spyware, etc. there are plenty of reputable sites, such as malwarebytes.org. The safest place to get any security software is at the venders website. Do Not search Google or any search engine for such programs. You run the risk of clicking a poisoned link and getting Malware.

Here are step-by-step instructions to Defenestrate.

1. Shut down the computer.

2. Carefully unplug all the cables from the computer.

3. Open the nearest window.

4. Hurl computer forcibly from window so that it accelerates downward at 32 feet/second.

5. Follow through with a suitable stream of invective.


dee-FEN-uh-strayt, transitive verb:

To throw out of a window.

Some of his apparent chums . . . would still happily defenestrate him if they caught him near a window.

— Andrew Marr, “No option bar the radical one”, Independent, July 5, 1994

I defenestrated a clock to see if time flies!

— Lane Smith, quoted in “Who’s News”, Time for Kids, September 25, 1998

A woman, driven to fury by the manner in which her lover prefers to lavish his attention on a match on the telly rather than her, starts to throw his possessions out of the window. He’s finally moved to stop her when she tries to defenestrate his new Puma boots.

— Jim White, “Budgets substantial enough to buy most of the clubs in the Endsleigh”, Independent, April 6, 1996

Defenestrate is derived from Latin de-, “out of” + fenestra, “window.” The noun form is defenestration.

I rest my case!


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